Let Me Watch Your Home!

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I will:
Perform 20-Point Inspection - Interior
Perform 28-Point Inspection - Exterior
Check security system
Check air conditioning and humidistat setting
Check and secure all doors and windows
Check for insect and rodent damage and damage from strays
Check for water damage and/or mold growth
Check as soon as possible after a hurricane-Call client immediately
Check for power outages-Call immediately if a problem is found
Check for vandalism damage
Check AC filter
Check condition of pool
Check water valves each visit
Flush all toilets each visit
Deliver written report each month
Run all appliances monthly
Remove junk mail and newspapers

Additional services
Water house plants
Forward mail
Scrub toilets
Bring in outdoor furnishings
Set out outdoor furnishings
Send email after each visit
Start car each visit
Stock groceries
Drive car
Do light housekeeping
Meet car carrier
Coordinate vendors
Do handyman services
Clean home prior to arrival

We suggest a weekly visit
Unforeseen events may occur such as:
A power failure that trips a circuit breaker, causing your freezer to defrost.
The air conditioner quits and mold and mildew start to form.
Unwanted pests make your home their home.
A weekly visit will reduce the possibility of permanent, costly damage to your valuable property.
I will check your unit while you are on vacation or between your rentals.

Veterans receive first month free

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Client Appreciation Program

Since most of my business comes from referrals from my clients, I am very happy to show my appreciation. So, for every signed proposal, I will give the referrer
one month of free service.
(Please note: referrer must notify me prior to the referral). Also, I will give my new client a helpful gift.